DOS: More memory

Open System.ini
Go to [386Enh]
Add this line: LocalLoadHigh=1


DOS: Mouse

Find out if there are DOS-drivers in Autoexec.bat:
set mouse=C:\mouse\

In this case, the driver is and is located in i C:\mouse
It needs a change in system.ini . Go to the section [Non-WindowsApp] and add this line: MouseInDosBox=1


DOS / Win95: Booting to DOS

Edit msdos.sys in Notepad
Find bootgui=1
Replace 1 with 0


Win3.x: Change startup image

The new photo must be in 16 colors and in RLE-format. Paint shop pro supports the format.

Make the new picture and save as an RLE-file.
Go to c:/windows
Make a backup of
Go to c:/windows/system
Give vgalogo.rle a new name
Move the new photo to c:/windows/system
Rename the photo to vgalogo.rle
Reboot into DOS
Write this in one line: copy /b win.cnf+vgalogo.lgo+vgalogo.rle../


Win95: Save or print folders

Start regedit
Right click on the folder Shell and choose New -> Key
Type Content as name of the new key
Double click on Standard in the panelet to the right
Type &Content and click OK
Right click on the folder Shell and choose New -> Key
Type Command as name of the new key
Double click on Standard in the panel to the right
Type in C:\content.bat %1
Click OK and close regedit
Open Notepad and type in this:

@echo off
dir %1% /o > c:\windows\content.txt
notepad: c:\windows\content.txt

Save the file in C:\ with the name content.bat


Win95: Change disk icon

Make a text file in Notepad and name it autorun.inf . Save it in the root folder of your disk. Type in this in the file:

ICON=(icon name)





Win95: Change icon on Start button

Copy User.exe from c:\windows\system to a folder of your choosing
Open the copy in an icon editor
Make an icon with the dimentions 14 px *14 px
Save and restart the machine into DOS
Change the original User.exe with the edited one


Win95: Change startup image

Make a bitmap picture with the dimentions 320 (width) * 400 (heigth) and 256 colors
Rename the file to Logo.sys and move it to the root menu (take a backup of the original Logo.sys if you got one)

The "wave" at the bottom is defined by the 32th byte in the same file
Open Logo.sys in a hex editor and change the value of byte 32
The value 128 (80 in hex desimal) makes the waving margin use the last 128 colors in the picture


Win95: Chage text on Start button

Make a copy of Explorer.exe
Open the copy in a hex editor
Find the hex line 53 00 74 00 61 00 72 00 74
Change the values of 53, 74, 61, 73, and 74 in the same line
Save and reboot into DOS
Change the original Explorer.exe with the copy
You can do the same things with other menues on the start menu. You may find the items in the hex adresses: 02ABC9, 02AC11, 02AC5D, 02AD19, 02AD45 and 02AD61


Win95: Forgot log-in password?

Just click on "Cancel". When you are in, search for files with the extention ".pwl". The name of one of the found files is your password.


Win95: Speed of the Start menu

Open regedit and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Desktop
Find MenuShowDelay and double click it. Add preferd value (the lower, the quicker).

In case MenuShowDelay dont excist, right-click on an empty spot. Choose New -> String value. You change "New value no. 1" to MenuShowDelay.
When you are done, add preferd value (the lower, the quicker).


Win95: Your "own" Win 95

Make an image with the dimentions 160 px * 120 px and save it as oem-logo.bmp (or oemlogo.bmp) in C:\Windows\System
In Notepad, sake a textfile named oeminfo.ini and saved in C:\Windows\System
Add this in the text file:

[Support information]

Add whatever you want after the =s.
When finished, check "System properties"