Endurance race

Of all the motorsports out there, endurance race is the genre I fell in love with. Naturally, it's the yearly 24 hour race at Le Mans I find the most interesting.

Motorsport history have a lot to tell, and the future have even more to tell. We are in exciting times: More females getting into motorsports, technical innovations surrounding alternative fuel, Hypercar category in WEC. Who knows where my interests in motorsports will lead me with all this excitement?

The most heartfelt moments...

We who have followed motorsports a few years have build up a few memories. Here are some of mine.

24 hours of Daytona 2022: The duel for first place between Jaminet and Vanthoor during the last laps of the race was epic! Jaminet won the duel and saved first place. Vanthoot lost the duel and an additional place, finishing in 3rd place.

24 hours of Le Mans 2022: Corvette Racings Corvette hit the wall at the Mulsanne straigth. AF Corses François Perrodo - who have caused the situation - later went to Corvette Racings pit an apologised. Now THAT is sportsmanship!

24 hours of Spa 2021: The huge crash at the top of Eau Rouge

24 hours of Spa 2022: The week before the race, Sarah Bovy had taken a lap around the track with her mother in the passanger seat. Bovys mother were nervous as most mothers would be. During the race, Bovy almost collided with a car that had spun around at the top of Eau Rouge. During the first interview after the situation, Bovy said "First, I have to say I'm sorry to my mother".

24 hours of Spa 2022: Seeing Doriane Pin realising Iron Dames about win the race... and that they actually did it! TOTAL WIN!

24 hours of Spa 2022: Thomas Neubauers reaction to his own class win were also epic; He parked the car and cried his happy tears before exiting the car.

ELMS 2021 (or was it 2020?): Ferdinand Zvonimir Maria Balthus Keith Michael Otto Antal Bahnam Leonhard von Habsburg-Lothringen (jupp, that's his real name!) caught on camera zoning out while listening to music.

ELMS 2022: Inter Europol Competitions Guilherma Oliveira went off the track with 12 minutes left in the seasons last race, loosing the championship title.

Ferrari Challenge 2021: Michelle Gatting winning Ferrari Challenge as the first female to ever done it. Oh, those happy tears of joy!

Ferrari Challenge 2022: Doriane Pin winning her first Ferrari Challenge race... by half a lap! She also won the championship.

Manuela Gostner: It is always lovely to see Manuela in action; She got the joy and the passion. But it's heartbreaking to see her after a race that didn't go well.

WRC 2003: Petter Solbergs overall win in WRC in 2003.