This is stuff I plan to get. Posts marked with * is items I need / want several of. In some cases, I have included the item number.

All games are on disk or cartridge except for the GOG games.


Citizen Kane
Deer hunter
Dr. No
Evil Dead rise
Flåklypa Grand Prix
Oliver & Company
Two-Lane Blacktop

Day of the tentacle remastered
Fatal fury special
Ion fury: Aftershock
Phantom fury
Redneck rampage collection
Terminal Velocity

Regularly purchased

CD-omslag slimcase, 10-pk. * 19120
Eske med rominndeling og skyvelokk *
FaBiOX 4x4 ‐ display case 8 pck * FX001
FaBiOX 6x6 ‐ display case 4 pck * FX002
Hard drives (minimum 4 TB) * for PC, external or internal
Kasse for 650 myntrammer, med 5 rom * 347829 Skanfil
Memory sticks *
Micro-SD cards *
OPTIMA 1C plastikk lommer 1-delt, klare * 319037 Skanfil
OPTIMA 1S plastikk lommer 1-delt, svarte * 326667 Skanfil
OPTIMA 2C plastikk lommer 2-delt, klare * 309942 Skanfil
OPTIMA 2S plastikk lommer 2-delt, svarte * 322646 Skanfil
OPTIMA 3C plastikk lommer 3-delt, klare * 317839 Skanfil
OPTIMA 3S plastikk lommer 3-delt, svarte * 316307 Skanfil
OPTIMA 4C plastikk lommer 4-delt, klare * 318071 Skanfil
OPTIMA 4S plastikk lommer 4-delt, svarte * 331859 Skanfil
OPTIMA 5C plastikk lommer 5-delt, klare * 307543 Skanfil
OPTIMA 5S plastikk lommer 5-delt, svarte * 333229 Skanfil
OPTIMA 6S plastikk lommer 6-delt, svarte * 316995 Skanfil
OPTIMA 7S plastikk lommer 7-delt, svarte * 323995 Skanfil
Plexgear Harddiskkabinett 2,5" *
Ringperm Optima easy, blå * 355226 Skanfil
SD cards *
Trekasse 30x20x13,5 cm * Jula


Eldorado fortress LEGO set no. 6276
Black Seas Barracuda LEGO set no. 6285
Super Car LEGO set no. 8880
Black Seas Barracuda LEGO set no. 10040
Ferrari 488 GTE “AF Corse #51” LEGO set no. 42125
McLaren Solus GT & McLaren F1 LM LEGO set no. 76918
Doom slayers collection for PS4 / PS5
Racing wheel * for PS4 / PS5
Evil Dead: The Game for PS5
Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach for PS5
Need for Speed: Unbound for PS5
Quake for PS5
Resident Evil Village for PS5
Road 96 for PS5
Games (SNES), mainly platform games * for SNES
Space Police 2 Chief (Captain Magenta) LEGO set no. sp038
Playstation 5, med disc-drive
Ticket to 24 hours of Nürburgring 2025
Ticket to 24 hours of Spa 2024
Walt Disney: Hall of Fame: Don Rosa (book 1-10)