Ah, Valentines day; the day we either love or hate. Some embrace the day with oversized bouquets, a romantic dinner, underwear made for two, candy bras, a date ending with the film Titanic and "draw me like one of your french girls"... and whatever else people do. As Paul Valery said: "Love is being stupid together." But we all know that Valentine’s Day is when a lot of people are reminded what a poor shot Cupid really is.

As you may understand, I'm not much of a romantic lovie-dovie kinda guy. I'm prefer to do something else like... giving her a Salami bouquet from Olympia Provisions with a card that tells "Of sodding Valentines day, I've had quite enough. The reason I love you is we hate the same stuff".

Oh, and of course an appropriate film for the day would be handy! There ain't many good films with an appropriate theme if you don't like sticky romantic stuff and thinks Valentines day is a silly day.

We kicking of this short list with "Bride of Chucky". It got a bit of satirical humor, a homage to the Frankenstein films, and Jennifer Tilly. That's good enough for me on Valentines day.

"Bride of Chucky" may not be a classic. But "My bloody valentine" from 1981 is! You can't beat the classics, so the 1981 version would be a perfect choice! And if the 1981-version ain't good enough for you, try the version from 2009.

That's all, so I'll end with a quote from Plato: "Love is a grave mental illness.”

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