Since childhood, I have loved LEGO and I still love LEGO. You can see some of my projects a bit down on this page. Around 1997 / 1998 I really found my creative side, much thanks to getting my first computer. Around the same time, I started to find my taste in arts, film and music.

Creativity and art goes hand in hand and they both have no boundaries. We have the classic arts like paintings of Leonardo da Vinci, statues made by Michelangelo, literature by Shakespear and music by Vivaldi. We also have folk art that includes textile work.

"Media is where art, creativity and technology meets."

The last century and a half, we got new territories for both creativity and art. We got new mediums and material for creations, like films, games, digital art and even LEGO! Sure, we could discuss what's art and what's not, what's high art and what's not. But the point is still stands; there are strong elements of creativity, art and inovation in the the relative new mediums..

But WTF is creativity? It's finding (new) solutions and / or create something new. Some would define creativity this way: "Creativity is just combining two things that previously had nothing to do with each other and mashing them together"