Creativity and art goes hand in hand and they both have no boundaries (except for what's defined as art). You see much creativity in music, films and games. And we know how much creativity there is in LEGO!

"Media is where art, creativity and technology meets."

So, let's take a dive into my world of creativity and media.

LEGO projects

Inspired by the cosplayer Vegas PG (you can visit her Instagram here) and LEGOs Brickheadz series, I wanted to build a PowerGirl Brickheadz. This build had several revitions, but with approval from Vegas PG, I went with the cheakyest one.

For ages, I have dreamt to build a ciy of LEGO. Due to lack of space and money, I have setteled for dioramas with different themes instead.

The plan is to add a road (Bricklink; 69958), set up a low wall between road and the audience (Bricklink: 15533, dark grey and light grey), fine tuning and maybe set up more buildings in the same style as the Batman mansion.

I have made a few Tiny turbos, most notable a Ferrari 330 P3, a Porsche 917 and a Gulf coloured Formula 1 car. The Formula 1 car is just like the Formula 1 car from the Tiny turbos series.

Ideas for the future:

- A house of collections: a house to store sets that don't fit anywhere else.
- Black Widow MOC: The original set with a few changes.
- Chess board: Making small chess boards for microfigures.
- Eldorado reissue: Rebuild "Eldorado fortress" with new parts.
- Iron dames Ferrari: Building a pink Ferrari.
- Hot rod reissue: One of the cars from "Hot rod club" with new parts.
- Micro city: A city in micro scale.
- Micro classics: Micro versions of classic sets.
- Space diorama: A Small diorama based on Space theme.
- Space timemachine: A time machine based on a spaceship.
- Stickless Porsche 917K: A Porsche 917K without stickers.
- Tiny turbo Le Mans: A Le Mans diorama with Tiny Turbos.