Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
Authors: Arthur C. Clarke and Henrik Wergeland
Berries: Raspberries
Car designer: Giorgetto Giugiaro / Italdesign Giugiaro S.p.A
Cat species: Bornean bay cat
Comic artists: André Franquin, Don Rosa, Frank Cho and Lars Lauvik
Cosplayer Vegas PG
Dream car: McLaren F1
Ferrari: 288 GTO
Fighting game characters: Cammy White, "Ivy" Valentine and Mai Shiranui
Game series: Need for Speed
Movies: Cinema paradiso, Evil dead 2 and Vanishing point
Music artist: Alice Cooper
Musicals: Evil Dead: The musical, Les Miserables, Repo: The genetic opera
Race drivers: Doriane Pin and Manuela Gostner
Racing family: Gostner family
Racing teams: AF Corse, Iron Dames and MP Racing CDP
Radio hosts: Ellen Flå and Hilde Zahl
Super heros: Powergirl and Superman

My story

1980s and early 1990s:
- 1983: Born.
- 1990: Stared School (Hjelteryggen skole).
- LEGO became my favorite toy.
- Played on a computer for the first time: Commodore PC20-III.
- My first gaming console; Nintendo NES.
- Annual trips to Lyngås to see rallycross: my introduction to motorsports.

1990s, late:
- 1996: Started junior high school (Fjell ungdomsskole).
- 1998: Visited Le Mans and Monaco.
- 1999 (?): Visited Los Angeles, USA.
- 1999: Started high school (Sotra Videregående).
- My first computer: 233 mhz, Pentium MMX, Voodoo 3D card.
- Started being creative with computer as a tool: music, graphics and html.
- My love for gaming started: Carmageddon II, Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, Need for Speed, Network Q RAC Rally championship, StarCraft.
- My love for horror films started: A nightmare on Elm street, Halloween, Alien.

- 2000: Visited relatives in Winterpeg (Winnipeg), Canada and Montana, USA.
- 2002: Saw the british Macintosh cast (and Carola) of Les Miserables in Oslo.
- 2003: Did one year military service in the Norwegian Royal Navy.
- 2004: Started university college (Høgskulen i Volda).
- 2004: Visited Daytona International Speedway.
- 2005: Chatted with Anastacia during her concert in Bergen.
- 2008: Traveled to Toronto, Canada, just to see Evil dead the musical.
- 2009: Concert with Alice Cooper.
- Started collecting old computers and gaming consoles.
- Took the name BoRNeo as a dedication to the Bornean bay cat.
- Started with film production and photo.

Diesel playhouse
- Went from PC to gaming consoles for gaming.
- Started growing bonsai trees.
- Tipp the cat arrived.
- Started to follow endurance race, mainly FIA WEC.

- 2023: Watched Le Mans live in person and met some idols. My travelogue.